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Prevention & Education

Warning Signs

beer, wine, liquor

Signs: Slurred speech, relaxed inhibitions, impaired coordination, slowed reflexes, glazed eyes, smell of alcohol on clothes/body, hangover.
Look For: New bottles or less in family supply.

Dangers: Addiction, accidents as result of impaired ability and judgment, overdoses when mixed with other depressants, heart and liver damage.

pot, dope, grass, weed, herb, hash, joint

Signs: Altered perceptions, red eyes, dry mouth, reduced concentration and coordination, euphoria.
Look For: Rolling papers, pipes, dried plant material, odor of burnt hemp rope, roach clips.

Dangers: Panic reaction, impaired short-term memory, hampered judgment, accelerated heartbeat, possibly increased blood pressure.

coke, rock, crack, base

Signs: Euphoria followed by depression; elevated blood pressure and heart rate; irritability, anxiety, paranoia.
Look For: Glass vials, glass pipe, white powder, razor blades, syringes, needle marks.

Dangers: Nasal problems, addiction, heart attack, seizures, lung damage, severe depression, paranoia.

acid, LSD, PCP, MDMA, Ecstasy, psilocybin, mushrooms, peyote

Signs: Altered mood and perceptions; focus on detain; anxiety, panic, nausea, synaesthesia (ex: smell colors, see sounds).
Look For: Capsules, tablets, "microdots", blotter squares.

Dangers: Unpredictable behavior, emotional instability, violent behavior (with PCP).

gasoline, aerosols, glue, nitrates, pain, Rush

Signs: Nausea, dizziness, headaches, lack of coordination and control, drowsiness.
Look For: Odor of substance on clothing and breath.

Dangers: Unconsciousness, suffocation, nausea and vomiting, damage to brain and central nervous system; sudden death.

heroin (junk, dope, black tar, China white), Demerol, Dilaudid (D's), morphine, Codeine

Signs: Euphoria, drowsiness, respiratory depression, nausea, vomiting, constricted pupils.
Look For: Syringes, spoons, needles, needle marks on arms.

Dangers: Addiction, lethargy, weight loss, contamination from unsterile needles (hepatitis, AIDS), accidental overdose.

amphetamines (speed, uppers, crank, bam, black beauties, crystal, dexies), caffeine, nicotine, cocaine.

Signs: Alertness, talkativeness, increased blood pressure, loss of appetite, wakefulness, loss of weight, mood elevation, irritability, hyperactivity.
Look For: Pills and capsules.

Dangers: Fatigue leading to exhaustion, aggressiveness, severe anxiety, paranoia, depression, confusion, possible hallucinations, addiction.

barbituates, sedatives, tranquilizers (downers, tranks, ludes, reds, Valium, yellow jackets), alcohol

Signs: Depressed breathing and heartbeat, intoxication, drowsiness, longer periods of sleep, uncoordinated movements, slurred speech, confused behavior.
Look For: Capsules and pills.

Dangers: Possible overdose, especially in combination w/ alcohol; muscle rigidity; addiction, withdrawal and overdose require medical treatment.